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orrosion resistant alloys, super alloys, precision alloy and other special alloy materials and processing. Our company has well installed facilities, including vacuum induction furnace, ESR furnace, air hammers and other metallurgical equipment, as well as organic processing facilities, and heat treatment equipment. Our company has an annual delivery of 3000 tons of high quality alloys. Our products are widely used in various harsh environmental or high requirement applications, such as petrochemical, power plants, aerospace, marine, and nuclear industry. In addition, our products can also be used in communications, electronics and other applications which require high temperature/pressure performance, corrosion/wear resistance, super fatigue, and creep properties. Our products ranges from formed parts (tubes, plates, wire, strip, rod), forged parts (flange), to raw refined alloys. Our products have been exported to Finland, Germany, Russia, Italy, India, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries/regions worldwide. We are passionate, energetic, and seeking excellence! You are warmly welcome to contact us for further information or cooperation.
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